Monthly Archives: March 2011

Night mares


Flu + Fever = SSH = Sucker Stay Home

ME: “any faster way to recovering from sick?”

DOCTOR: “sleep more + drink more water”

FRIENDS: “rest more + drink more water then often go toilet”

MOM: “eat > drink > sleep > eat > drink > sleep…..”

So in these few days i will be the SSH…SO SICK >.<


A distance


Days started yesterday, after he has confessed with me, i try my best to keep a distance from him. Try not to texting too much or msn too much. I just trying it slowly and day by day. Maybe soon he will forgotten bout me very soon then.

Sorry J, you really scared me out. This is the only way i can do, plus I AM SICK! Yay~ urm…thinks maybe i am happy to be sick. LOL>.<

it’s hard to say no


So J and i was met not more than 5 times, but we do text alot with each other and we just knew each other less than a month. It was so weird to accept a guy that im not knowing him well, and what i really care about is his age. Although all of my bestie try to convince me that age is not a problem. Well believe me, age is the main problem. No matter bout his age or his appearance still like a kid, he is still the young to know what love is.

He was confessed with me just now. He says he just wan to love me and i dont need to accept or reject him, he just wan to find somebody to love. LOL~sounds familiar with the Justin Bieber’s song! Well my bestie said that i can just treat him like my fans. I feels so disgusting and feels like there’s a stalker whenever and wherever i am. Gosh, can i say no you cant choose to love me too?

it is hard to break the new friendship


i got no idea what to do now. feels kinda frustrated while people keep gossip between me and J. He is the guy who younger than me 4 years old. He looks like a kid just fresh graduate from high school, and he dress like one of them neither. Sorry i’m not mean to comment him like that. Well actually he is a nice guy, i will be his girl friend is i met him during my age of 18. But in that time i dont think he will get any interest with me. Because i looks like a nerd?LOL~

In the mean time, i am..still in love with that guy, O. He is younger than me 3 years old. But his appearance just doesn’t looks like way younger to me. He is caring and kind of emotion guy for me. I like him because he is shy, knowledgable, thin, a little bit of muscular, and he is kinda cute when he is try to figuring out what he want to say. Although he is not interest with me, well im still hoping for those little caring that he has done to be while we met. It was so sweet whenever thinks back those memory that i’ve keep ’em in my heart. The truth is i am still like to being around him and my face is brushing when im smilling to him. I just loves to be like it always~

Anyway, i just don’t want J to get hurts by the gossip. And hopefully me and O’s relationship can grow stronger. Sorry for everything that i’ve done. I meant it.