A distance


Days started yesterday, after he has confessed with me, i try my best to keep a distance from him. Try not to texting too much or msn too much. I just trying it slowly and day by day. Maybe soon he will forgotten bout me very soon then.

Sorry J, you really scared me out. This is the only way i can do, plus I AM SICK! Yay~ urm…thinks maybe i am happy to be sick. LOL>.<


About vanillamie

An extra ordinary girl, who still need some improvements of her english language. She love reading others blogs from all around the world. In her life, she can't live without her facebook but she would like to keep this blog away from her facebook. Living in a simple life, still studying for her further education in Multimedia Design. A girl who loves to photography, baking, drinking coffee, and hangout with a couple of buddy.

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