Ideal Partner


I knew im not yours ideal partner, but atleast don’t hurt me infront of everyone who makes me happy and treat me as their friends too. It makes me feels some kind of humiliate, but if you doing this because you want me to hating you, well i can say that you’ve won your mission!

I know you are a genius in everything but you no need to be mean. Sometimes you asked why am i so quiet when im with you, the answer is because i don’t want to be hurt by your words. So rather shut up and drive. Maybe i’m just slightly stupid but i hope everyone could accept me as their true friend instead of cheating or hypocrisy to being who infront of anybody.

Am i sounds like a guy to you? It’s hurt when received the one that you like to comment that i look boyish instead of girlish. I think this is the reason why i hate guys comparing each gals that they met. I think it’s some kind of over react. Remember never compare any gals that you met before you know her really well or even have your chance to talk to that person.

I am so fed up with everything now. Feels lost and hating myself why continueing hoping to receive any little return from him and me. Such a silly girl in the world~


About vanillamie

An extra ordinary girl, who still need some improvements of her english language. She love reading others blogs from all around the world. In her life, she can't live without her facebook but she would like to keep this blog away from her facebook. Living in a simple life, still studying for her further education in Multimedia Design. A girl who loves to photography, baking, drinking coffee, and hangout with a couple of buddy.

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