i’ve tried


try so hard not to expose my jealousy when i saw the little motion between you guys. i thought i really can forget about you when time goes longer and then maybe you wont be nice to me anymore. But i was so wrong about that, when you are being kind to others i was so jealous bout it. But what for? I mean im not even you gf. Although i am hoping to be. Well i guess it will never ever be happen to me n you.

when J being nice to me, i knew that a little jealousy is growing deep inside your heart. of course i am so happy for that, but later on i found out that im actually suffering the pain now. cause when i saw you and your ex gf who so call as buddy, were so close together. and i can hardly find a topic to talking with her when we spending our time together. wanna know why? she always told me the stories about the previous dating time when you both still together. im not sure why she’s doing this, but i think she another sad story who worst than me.

every time i saw her, i have two thoughts about her. one is a cruel story teller, another one is about she was betray by her best friend who dating with the guy she love the most. so i kinda convince myself that her social life is worst than me, why don’t i give it up earlier, and let the one that i like to be with her always. maybe those stories is the only one she could be proud by now, which sth that i cant get it but she got it and keep it as a sweet memories in her life.

or i just need more time. to get away and keep a distant between them. i will still like him as a friend maybe in the future. i promise myself that i will. yeah, i hope i could make it.


About vanillamie

An extra ordinary girl, who still need some improvements of her english language. She love reading others blogs from all around the world. In her life, she can't live without her facebook but she would like to keep this blog away from her facebook. Living in a simple life, still studying for her further education in Multimedia Design. A girl who loves to photography, baking, drinking coffee, and hangout with a couple of buddy.

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