What life about?


If you think that living in this world is about to survive then you are wrong. Because Survive = no Life. Only if you choose to Live = Life.


No matter how hard your life is, please don’t give up! Maybe you just need to take a rest or turning to other side of the road. Nobody can blame their life is hard, if you are then how bout those people who suffering of their disease and just begging for survive?


Think positive is the way out for you whenever bad things happened to you. Never giving up~!


About vanillamie

An extra ordinary girl, who still need some improvements of her english language. She love reading others blogs from all around the world. In her life, she can't live without her facebook but she would like to keep this blog away from her facebook. Living in a simple life, still studying for her further education in Multimedia Design. A girl who loves to photography, baking, drinking coffee, and hangout with a couple of buddy.

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