thinking of U




Nikon FM3 + perutz primera iso 200 film

lele~good luck for your final examination^o^


cloversan + Solaris iso 200 film~

30th of April, the birthday sexy nurse^o^


cloversan + lomography iso 100

Tracy a.k.a ah sing~ the superb active gal! Working at overseas of course will cause a little bit of stress~i believe u can make it girl!^o^


cloversan + perutz primera iso 200

Cincinatti & Lynn, hope you guys not fight for each other because of a guy. i really miss the time that 4 of us going out together with cheers and laugh~!

Diana plus + 120 kodak medium format expired film

Oliver, the analogue camera freak! a collection of more than 20 polaroid camera in his house! also 30s more of slr camera…wow~! Honestly, i love to ride on your vespa than your car~! Although i feels dangerous, well i like it^o^

Olympus mju 2 + lomography iso 100 film

Fishy~my dearest friend! A good love adviser of mine too^o^ haha~! She’s fun loving with cute voice of her~makes me feels comfortable hanging out with her! Thanks Fifi~


Olympus mju 2 + kodak iso 400 expired film

Mr. J,  a stalker of mine….i mean the guy at the back who look at the camera too. yes, this is the guy im writing in my blog for a few time. well hope u find a new spot of girl sooner~

cloversan + lucky iso 200 film

the very 1st time im out with a bunch of lomographer. Nice to meet y’all, really happy to meet these people who comes from different background and interesting job! Hope to see y’all again!


About vanillamie

An extra ordinary girl, who still need some improvements of her english language. She love reading others blogs from all around the world. In her life, she can't live without her facebook but she would like to keep this blog away from her facebook. Living in a simple life, still studying for her further education in Multimedia Design. A girl who loves to photography, baking, drinking coffee, and hangout with a couple of buddy.

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