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a Piece of Truth


“If someone wants to be a part of your life, they will make an effort to be in it.


reserving a S.P.A.C.E in your heart,

for someone who doesn’t make an effort to




i am daddy’s daughter


Sunday it was world daddy’s day~! loves my dad so much~! and feels thanksful for him. he is my best listener all the time~and he is a real good singer to me~sometimes i do feels a little annoyed when i was rushing assignment with that kind of environment~haha~!


Well you are the best daddy that i have! Love ya DADDY^o^



我不想再继续暗恋你了     可以吗

觉得好辛苦噢     你明白吗

全天下的人都知道了      你难道就是要我讲的那么白吗

我已经不再喜欢你了      当我求你吧      别再对我好

我不想再痛苦了      你看见了吗

或许     等你有了新的伴侣     我就会把你给忘记






It may be the last called that i’ve call you today. Cuz i’ve found out that there’s no meaning for me to keep the contact like this. For a friend maybe yes, but you knew i like you. I mean..maybe you can try to tell me that we’re aren’t gonna to work out. Or maybe you afraid that i will get hurt like last time that you scold me that i was annoyed you.


Well, now i’m awake. I will giving back your original life. The life that i never appeared. Ofcourse i will feels hard to living with the life that without keep texting you or calling you. But i this time is real different. Glad to tell you that. From now on, you are free, none of your business will be bothering me anymore. Not because i fall for others or on the studies, it’s because that i’m so fuck the hell up that you treating me like a friend that not like a friend?LOL~….Bye O~! =)


There’s a song i would i to play, the song also could be represent of this diary. Boomerang by Plain White t’s~!

First Love


今年的我都已经23岁了       但却连一次的恋爱       都没谈过。


再过半年我即将24岁了        在想着      剩下的半年里       可不可以就让我谈个热恋啊~


也许我真的很差       差得连择偶的条件也没有        但至少我很真啊~!


我只希望他是疼我的就够了       不花心      只对我好…      


there’s a movie called love actually. a guy confess with a girl by using the handcard. and tell her that “To me you are perfect”. wow~ it’s so sweet. he sounds like accept every good and bad from the girl he love. Aww~i’m thinking when is my turn to be like her~>.<

Not Working…


i thought you will be jealous on the things that i wrote on my wall.

i thought you will be jealous about the conversation i had with the other guys.

i thought you will be missing my call but you don’t.


All those things that i’ve done, it’s not working on you maybe.

Sometimes i still feels that you’re still in love with her, although you denied.


Maybe i should just give a chance on other person who loves my smile and makes me feels happy every single day. To a person who appreciate the relationship between him and me. To a person who’s charming and caring to make my life feels something different.


Now you can get back to her and caring for her everyday…

all about your heart


once again i tried to runaway again. i just cant stand for the pressure. I knew that everyone are suffered the same pressure like me also. I just gave up. All i can says is my time arrangement is suck! i cant follow up what i want to do in my “To Do List”! I understand there’s nothing is easy if people dont take any effort on it.

Maybe im still searching for the motivation of mine. But what it will be? A lover? Something that i want really bad? Or … i just used to takes everything slowly? Sometimes i feels helpless when im heading to some unsettle question then i would take my break or just stop at there. I am the girl that can’t living without friends i guess. But nowadays i don’t know what’s the reason that makes my classmate stayed away from me? Is that my attitude of being lazy like this? Or you guys found out that im not that type of girls that will present you guys will lots of cozy thing and treat you guys big meal in some cozy restaurant? I mean Come On~ im just a student how am i gonna afford that kind of price?

Once i found out that i’m in a helpless situation, i’ll really giving up everything… I think i need some consultation…i really need helps…im just not that independent type on person….how sad huh>.<