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我勇敢的面对感情又怎样, 觉得自己应该算是彻底的被拒绝了吧~
他真正喜欢的是她不是我, 伤心无奈都只能怪自己爱上一个不该爱的人。
我本来就不该对他有感觉的, 这是自找的。

认识你已经差不多一年了, 也喜欢了你差不多要一年了。
既然这是你的答案, 那我也该放手了。
爱情是一种遇见, 不是一种等待才会出现的。
但一旦付出了, 得不了收获还是回归于零。

deadline = T =


Friday will be my deadline, and my lecturer was reject my logo  today. I’m so struggling because im affraid that not enough time for the accomplishment. Nothing can ever comfort me beside crying. Totally out of idea and something to sketch on paper. Will i get it done before 12pm on friday? Sob sob…

never using the same title twice


i’ve failed to propose my final project today. and my lecturer says ” I dont think you have the qualification to being a designer.” What would you feel for that after you’ve been working so hard for your passion of dream and almost graduate in this late december? It was like a person shoot me with a gun at my back.

Is that meaning what i’ve been doing this 2 years are all rubbish? Or something that will not be appreciate by others?! If she has a feeling that i’ve got no qualification to be a designer then why she gave me an A- in the previous subject from her?!

Feels so hard to moving on…kinda like my life is going to be ending very soon.



There’s a hit song lately called “price tag”. Wish i could sing this song to anyone i want when i’m out of money. New semester start, new school fees to pay for it. Everytime heading to a long sem like this, school fees will also become like 3k per sem. And i think this sem i will spend 4k including school fees in this sem, i need some money for my material.

I am so fed up about my previous result. I failed twice in the same subject that i’ve took. Which is web authoring, it’s not that hard actually if i keep it up with the whole project plus understanding the theory clearly i’ll score this subject for sure. I’m so disappointing now, there’s nothing i can do. It’s too late for me to turn back the time, the only thing i can do is repeat again in this semester.

Repeat = Wasting money

It is hard to telling my parents that i’m repeating the same subject again because i’ve failed it twice in my previous semester. I feels the guilt in my heart too. Feels like cheating their money, to get what i want. I just don’t want them to hear the bad news. It’s always a hard time for them to take it. Also for me to speak it out to them. I am coward.


Standard totally no idea what am i doing here by now. 2 years earlier, i was really happy that my parents has finally allowed me to studying the design course. 2 years from now on, i am confusing about to face to reality.

people do face their reality after ended up their high school. well except me. i don’t know what should i do now. i am scare to compete with people to get the client so to make the business. i am about to graduate in this end of december. but it is kind of late to figured out that it’s hard to get the job in life. it’s too late for me to face my reality.

i always have a dream. well i have to agree now that sometime dream doesnt make your way goes far. someone does, but it’s just a few of them. i love my dream badly, but the reality has pulling me to think out of the box but not to stay inside of a box.

yea, dream is over…night mare is about to start.